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Increasing liver stiffness is associated with increased risk for liver-related outcomes
By what percentage is the total US NASH population projected to increase by in 2030?
Which of the following is true?
How does liver injury impact intrahepatic thyroid hormone signaling?
What is the Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) threshold associated with significant steatosis?
The risk of liver related death is statistically higher only after progression to stage ___ or higher
NASH is the ___ leading cause for overall liver transplant in the U.S?
Which patient population is at higher risk of hepatic decompensation, HCC or death?
When most patients are referred from primary care to Dr Isaacs' endocrinology care, the primary care physician has usually already completed secondary tests such as Fibroscan and ELF for the diagnostic workup of NASH.
In Dr Isaacs' experience, most NASH patients referred to his endocrinology practice are not specifically referred for NAFLD or NASH but are instead referred for diabetes, obesity, or other endocrine conditions.
What is the consequence of intrahepatic hypothyroidism observed in NASH?
What normal functions are activated by thyroid hormone in hepatocytes?
Which of the following conditions are associated with NAFLD?
Which thyroid hormone receptor is highly expressed in hepatocytes?
In the EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines on Non-invasive Tests for Evaluation of Liver Disease Severity and Prognosis; what is the second non-invasive test for those with a fib-4 >1.3?
NASH increases the risk of HCC
What is the estimated global prevalence of NASH in the general population?